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12:17 27 Jun 24
The best infrared sauna and ice bath spa in the city, really. I've been to all of them, and this one ranks #1 because it has a high quality infrared sauna with higher heat settings and Bluetooth 🎵. The price is also unbelievable, I used to pay 1,500 for 45 minutes of sauna time at R3 Gaysorn but fast & fit is 400 for 60 minutes.So overall, you get high quality treatment for a great price.
Setawut MutchimanunSetawut Mutchimanun
07:56 27 Jun 24
I really like it. The place is clean and very comfortable after doing it.
Prawpim YongchaiyudtPrawpim Yongchaiyudt
07:51 27 Jun 24
Very new experience staffs are really nice and guide you to proper therapy
Aroun BelachewAroun Belachew
09:29 24 Jun 24
Please do a gift to your self and do a ice bath!!And there is no better place than this one!Very friendly staff, so clean and beautiful🙏🏽They have also infrared Sauna!Really recommend!
Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson
08:47 20 Jun 24
Very thoughtful service and clear instructions on the process. It’s quite intense at first, but feels amazing as you will quickly adapt.Brilliant concept!
Luuk DreijerLuuk Dreijer
04:11 07 May 24
The ice bath experience was fantastic. There were two saunas and three cold baths in total, with temperatures ranging from 10 degrees Celsius to 0 degrees Celsius. Really clean.
andrew snaluneandrew snalune
01:23 29 Apr 24
Excellent facility with two infra-red saunas (2 -3 persons size) and 3 cold baths at 10 degC 5 deg C and iced. The facilities are spotlessly clean. The saunas have Bluetooth for playing your own music and the ice baths have timers. They give you a large towel and also have shorts if you forgot your own. If you haven’t tried IR sauna before it’s different to a hot rock sauna - the heat feels more even over your body and there’s no burning ears and nostrils, it doesn’t feel as hot but you sweat just as profusely. Great value for money considering you’ll have a sauna and bath to yourself! I’m going back weekly
Mélanie LeventakisMélanie Leventakis
02:37 17 Jan 24
This place is sooo nice, I've tried the Ice Bath yesterday, and managed to be finally also interested by the other floors (massage, organic shop downstair, the bar upstairs, the gym) it's such a vibe!I took a package for Ice Bath - so I definitely recommend it!

General and profound health improvment

Total immersion in ice baths ensures comprehensive muscle recovery, enhances circulation, and delivers profound anti-inflammatory benefits

Our different baths

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CLassic Cold Plunge

10°C, 5°C or 2°C :
We help you to choose

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Expert Ice Bath

32°C to 2°C :
The Contrast Power


Half Body Cold Plunge

For First-Timers

Build resilience and release dopamine

Adapt your body and release a surge of dopamine with ice baths,
enhancing your mental toughness and elevating your mood for a happier, more balanced life

Image d’une personne détendue, apaisée
Clear you Mind and Body
Experience the meditative calm of ice baths, reducing stress and promoting deep relaxation for a rejuvenated mind and body

Beauty Effects

Image de Femmes fit avec une belle peau, détendue

Cold Plunge Power

Improve yourself and Body

We also offer

The Perfect Journey

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InfraRed Sauna – 15 min

Cupping Therapy – 20 min

cupping therapy 6604217 1280

Ice Bath – 15 min

Massage – 20 min

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What differences with cryotherapy?

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